Gold & Glow - Indoor Tanning - Buy 1, Get 1 FREE

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Gold&Glow - a dry oil perfect for sunbathing at home. On the balcony, in the garden, through the open window. Even and natural tan like after returning from a holiday.

One Gold&Glow bottle is enough for minimum 12 tanning sessions. The second one you will receive for free, to invite other household members to share the spring sun.


Nourishing and deeply moisturizing liquid serum for tanning. Contains a silicon complex which makes skin silky smooth and pleasant to touch. Fast Tan Formula accelerates the tanning process and gives your skin a golden brown tint visible after just one tanning session. Minerals, vitamin A, shea butter and aloe leaves beautifully tanned skin.

- Shea Butter
- Glow On! blend
- SuperMoist
- Extra Silicones Complex
- Multivitamin Shake

SCENT: Orange & Lemon


(No reviews yet) Write a Review