Deviously Black Tanning Lotion

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Product Overview

A blend of Natural Bronzers - Black Walnut Shell and Fennel Seed Extract - and Melanin deliver an immediate hit of natural dark colour while DHA provides a longer, delayed golden tan for intense colour that lasts for days.

Twisted Skincare Cocktail - infused with Absinthe Extract and a combination of natural Oils - purifies, heals and nourishes deeply for soft skin. Whilst Hemp Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Dimethicone condition and soften for a radiant, hydrated bronze glow. Tea Tree Oil also works as an antioxidant to keep skin radiant whilst preventing after-tanning odours, leaving you feeling as good as you look.

Others will need to proceed with caution, as your Deviously Black colour will be hard to ignore!

  • Fragrance: Mesmerizing Oasis
  • Size: 250ml


(No reviews yet) Write a Review